cl-cracklib 0.9.1

cl-cracklib is an interface to cracklib (I'm not sure that's the "official" site by any means) and its FascistCheck function. Given a password it will tell you whether it thinks the password is good or not. If not, it will also tell you what it thinks is wrong.

cl-cracklib uses UFFI and should run wherever UFFI and cracklib works.

The code is released under an MIT license.


  • Version 0.9.1 released (small test suite added)
  • Version 0.9.0 released (inital release)
  • Features


    If you have asdf-install, just:

    $ asdf-install cl-cracklib

    cl-cracklib can manually be downloaded from here: cl-cracklib_latest.tar.gz .

    There is also anonymous CVS and ViewCVS .


    Questions, feature requests, and bug-reports are welcome on

    Project members

    Sample usage

      * (require :cl-cracklib)
      * (cracklib:fascistcheck "mypassword")
      "it is based on a dictionary word"
      * (cracklib:fascistcheck "r.ea2lly#g00d?p455w0rD!")